Linking Africans from across the world.




Tribelink is focused on empowering African culture. We are determined to provide an empowering social platform that will allow its users to explore and share their experiences and love for African culture.


With such a large community of people all sharing similar experiences within a culture it should not be hard to meet new people who understand and relate to your experiences. We hope to fix that.


Many Africans have an abundance of knowledge and skills, yet many struggle to find an outlet that allows Africans to monetize their skills with our proprietary Opportunity tab; allowing the user to find new opportunities no matter where they are!



Tribelink is a company that BELIEVES IN AFRICA; We are focused on the African culture! With the African population of over 1.2 Billion unique individuals, We are determined to provide a unique and seamless social experience that will allow for a beautiful, fun, and empowering social networking platform. The potential in Africa is tremendous its time we find it. Our goal is to Link fellow Africans in a new social network that lets you connect and embrace African culture like never before! #WeAreAfrica

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