About Us

Tribelink is focused on the African culture and diaspora, with over 1.2 Billion in this unique and exciting group with similar social culture we are determined to provide a unique, seamless and interesting social experience that will allow for a beautiful, fun and empowering social platform. The potential in Africa is tremendous its time we find it. Link and find fellow Africans in a new social network that lets you connect and embrace African diaspora like never before! #ONEAFRICA!


CEO/President Somto Iwueke. 
Somto founded Tribelink in light of the vast opportunity and unique potential identified in the African group, Tribelink has been a passion that has been founded on the growing connections that Africans have found between one another in various aspects of life, similar culture, music and overall media.

CFO Abraham Githura. Abraham has been instrumental in the structure, and planning of organic growth, finance and various projections that will allow Tribelink to reach global success in the African market, identifying key aspects of this market will allow for dynamic growth in a populated market. His time and efforts have proved to be invaluable to Tribelink.

CBO Sabrina Aden. Sabrina has always had the brand image of Tribelink as a top priority, her focus from the beginning has been to make sure our platform is user friendly and caters for a unique experience by introducing innovative features for Africans that are needed in linking the diaspora on Tribelinks unique platform.

CIO Felix Too. Felix our lead developer has been incredibly instrumental in bringing our vision and app to life. As head developer he has worked tirelessly in programming our app to bring our platform to fruition. His strong desire to help connect Africa has been key to bringing an interactive, innovative and user friendly platform with the primary objective of linking and connecting Africa like never before.